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Hair Care Tips for Summers

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Hair Care Tips for Summers

As summers set in, it is essential that you protect your hair from the scorching sun rays. Sun damage to the hair can manifest as faded hair colour, brittle and dry hair.

The UV-rays can cause permanent damage to the outside covering of the hair which is the cuticle and it can penetrate into the center of the hair, which is the cortex and do all sorts of damage.
Hence, you need to take special care of your hair during this season.

With onset of summers the sweat and sebaceous glands get hyperactive, resulting in scalp problems. To prevent this one needs to increase the frequency of shampooing and conditioning. With the changing seasons one has to keep changing the shampoo and conditioner.

For normal to dry hair one can use mild shampoos but avoid heavy conditioning. People with normal to oily hair can preferably use shampoos with citrus extract and a very light conditioner. It is a myth that oily hair does’t need conditioning! All hair types should use a conditioner, but the one specially made for their hair type.

Home Remedies

Home remedies can be adapted to beat the blues of Indian summer. Follow the simple hair care regimen and flaunt a healthy lustrous mane this summer!

– The quickest and the easiest for all hair types is to squeeze a lemon into a mug full of water for the last rinse after hair wash. It maintains the pH balance of the hair (5.8) which is slightly acidic to keep the scalp healthy. A pack of curd, ½ table spoon honey and one lime juice can be applied on the hair and scalp for shiny lustrous hair.

– People who suffer from itchy and inflamed scalp can cure it with a paste of soaked fenugreek seeds applied section wise into the scalp. Massage it well and leave on for an hour before washing. It has medicinal properties that can also help cure dandruff.

– Another natural hair care which is excellent for the scalp and hair is a pack of ripe papaya. Papaya has a lot of enzymes that can cure various scalp problems.

– Make a paste of china rose leaves (Hibiscus Rosasinesis) and apply the pack on the hair, to get soft and shiny hair and it also has anti fungal properties to cure scalp problems.

– Mix curd with a paste of soaked fenugreek seeds to cure dandruff and itchy/ sensitive scalp

– Apply a paste of boiled pasta onto hair. It is an excellent conditioner for dry and damaged hair.

– To avoid spit ends and cure brittle hair, apply a powerful protein mask by mixing egg White, Curd and lemon juice. Leave it on for 30 minutes and rinse.

– To cure hair fall make your own hair oil by boiling curry leaves and fenugreek seeds in coconut oil. Allow to cool and bottle it to use twice a week. You will see a marked improvement.

– Applying a pack of ripe papaya on scalp and hair can cure a lot of scalp problems and is an excellent conditioner for dry lifeless hair.

– Add a table spoon of vinegar in a mug full of water for the last rinse after shampooing to cure dandruff.

– For black silky hair, boil equal quantities of amla and shikakai in an iron utensil and rinse hair with the sieved liquid.

– For extremely damaged or chemically treated hair, massage the scalp with cantheradine oil with one Capsule of Vitamin E. Apply the same onto the length and wrap a hot towel over it. The hair strands regain strength and shine.

– Dandruff can be treated by applying a mixture of ½ cup milk with one lemon juice. Apply it directly into the roots message lightly and rinse well after 30 minutes.

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