Conair Xtreme Big Curls Hairsetter (Blue)

Twelve tangle-free rollers to create long lasting big curls with a smooth volume.
Heat Protection on all Hair Types with 2x more Flocking!
Steam Reservoir, adds moisture and less frizz for longer lasting curls


The Conair Hairsetter creates lengthy lasting Massive curls with a clean extent whilst controlling the frizz via including a pleasant, glossy moisture. The 12 Xtreme Massive Velvety Hairsetter rollers are 1.5 inches each and every. Comprises Steel, Versatile Twine clips especially designed to soundly Grasp the curler to your hair with out crimp marks

Twelve tangle-loose rollers to create lengthy lasting Massive curls with a clean extent.
Warmth Coverage on all Hair Sorts with 2x extra Flocking!
Steam Reservoir, provides moisture and not more frizz for longer lasting curls
Comprises: 12 Steel Clips, Versatile Twine Clips for Safe Grasp with out Crimp Marks




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