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Professional Hair Curling Tips at Home

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Professional Hair Curling Tips at Home

hair expert Armin Morbach shares professional hair styling tips.
He starts by helping you prepare your hair for styling and to select the proper hair styling tools.
Then he shows how to use the tools like a pro, beautiful hair curling tips.

Hair Styling Tools: large and small-diameter curling irons:

Whether you want to use a large or small-diameter curling iron depends on the desired result.
Armin Morbach uses both types of curling irons as choice hair styling tools: “It is easy to create springiness in the hair ends using a conic small-diameter curling iron.
It’s a good hair style tip to remember. Use a large-diameter curling iron to produce large, casually falling waves.”

A lot of curling mousse helps a lot!

A good hair curling tip is to thoroughly work a generous amount of curling mousse through your hair (from the front to the back).
Armin Morbach points out, “The more thoroughly you work the curling mousse into your hair the more beautiful the created curls will be.”

How to style your hair and create uniform curls:

Roll your hair onto curlers in only one direction (front to back) to create organized looking curls.

Creating casually looking curls:

When learning how to style hair into curls, randomly roll your hair onto curlers in all directions for tousled curls or a modern, casual hairstyle.
“However, I would roll up the front and side hair front to back so that the hair does not crowd the face,”
recommends Armin Morbach and he continues with the hair styling tip,
“The rolled up strands on top of the head should be slightly smaller and widen toward the ends.”

Does blow-drying destroy curls? The answer is ‘No’!

Using hair styling tools like a hair dryer with diffuser attachment and using it gingerly ensures that curls survive the blow-drying.

At a pinch, paper towels serve as rollers:

If professional styling tools are not at hand, any kind of paper wipe can be turned into a substitute hair styling tool for soft rollers.
Armin Morbach explains how to use them: “Fold the wipe and use it as soft roller.
Take a small strand of hair and roll it around the middle of the make-shift soft roller.
Then twist the ends of the soft roller and knot or tie the ends together.
This is a great way to style your hair in a pinch.”

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