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Battery operated beard and moustache trimmer
Five-position multi-length comb guide to achieve your desired length
Three jaw line and side burn blending combs to ensure a tidy and professional finish

This Babyliss 1707U battery operated beard trimmer for men is ideal for keeping your beard neat and tidy.
With a 5-position multi-length comb, you’ll easily handle your beard on the desired length.
This cordless trimmer also features 3 jawline and side burn blending combs to make it easier to style your beard and sideburns to how you wish to have it.
A to hand storage stand lets you store your Babyliss beard trimmer and parts neatly, until you next need it.
This beard trimmer includes 2 batteries.
Battery operated beard and moustache trimmer
Five-position multi-length comb guide to reach your desired length
Three jawline and side burn blending combs to verify a tidy and professional finish
Features a convenient storage stand
3-year manufacturer’s guarantee

The Precision Beard Trimmer has precision honed, high-grade stainless steel blades for smooth, fast cutting of facial hair
The BaByliss For Men Precision Beard Trimmer is small and easy to use.
It has detachable diamond-sharpened stainless steel blades for sharpness and precision, as well as a five-position comb guide (three to 15mm) and three Jawline blending combs (1.5, 2.5 and 3.5mm) for a variety of trimming lengths.
Complete with a convenient storage stand and accessories.

Five-position comb guide for variety of cutting lengths
The BaByliss For Men Precision Beard Trimmer comes with a five-position comb guide for cutting lengths from 3mm to 15mm (increasing in 3mm intervals).
Use the longest setting at first, until you become familiar with the adjustment.
If you want a shorter cut, you can adjust the comb to a shorter position and go over the hair again until you achieve the desired length.
The trimmer can also be used without a comb guide, and will cut to a length of roughly 1mm.

Jawline blending combs for the ideal finish
The Precision Beard Trimmer comes with three different Jawline blending combs, in three length settings:
1.5mm, 2.5mm and 3.5mm.
If you require more than one cutting length, start with the longest length first (3.5mm).
To blend-in a shorter length uses a smaller comb.
To outline using the trimmer, do not attach a comb guide or Jawline blending comb.
Hold the trimmer upside down with the blade facing downwards, yet flat against the skin.
Move trimmer gently downwards in small strokes around the edge of the area you wish to outline.
Having defined the outline, hold the trimmer with the blades pointing upwards, yet flat against the skin and move the trimmer upwards against the direction of hair growth.
This will trim the unwanted hair adjacent to the outline.

Convenient storage stand for trimmer and accessories
The BaByliss For Men Precision Beard Trimmer comes with a storage stand that is able to hold the trimmer and its accessories.
These include a five-position comb guide, three Jawline blending combs, a cleaning brush and lubricating oil.

Detachable blades for easy cleaning
To maintain optimum performance, your trimmer should clean up after each use.
This is simply removing and rinsing the comb guides under running water before leaving them to dry thoroughly.
Then, remove the cutting head of the trimmer and Use the cleaning brush provided to remove any remaining hair from the trimmer blades.
When used regularly Clipper blades will not need to be oiled.
However, if the appliance has not been utilised for a prolonged period of time it is advised to oil the blades before use.
After cleaning, switch the appliance on and oil the blades using a few drops of lubricating oil supplied.
Only use the lubricating oil supplied with the appliance as this is specifically formulated and does not evaporate or slow the blades.

Box Contains:
– 1 x Trimmer
– 1 x Cleaning brush
– 3 x Blending combs



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