GHD Platinum Professional Styler Black Hair Straightener – 400 gr

Ref – 990-33149
Brand – Ghd
Content – 400 gr

ghd Platinum Professional Styler Black Hair Straightener – 400 gr

– Patented Tri-Zone® technology maintains a secure and even heat
– Effortless, perfectly smooth styling and shine
– Provides ultimate keep watch over and versatility
– Perfect for all hair types, including harder to style hair
– Stylish and healthy hair multi function stroke

Get ultimate results without compromising the health of your hair*.
Tri-Zone® technology maintains a safer-for-hair heat from root to tip,
so now your hair will also be stylish and healthy ­multi function stroke.
The six intelligent sensors, delivering perfectly constant heat right through the plates, are proven to be kinder to your hair colour**
and enable you to optimise your style effortlessly.
Hot hair doesn’t have to mean the most up to date temperatures.
The ghd Platinum styles at the easiest heat to respect your hair from rootto tip, reducing hair breakage by over 50%.

No compromise means ultimate keep watch over.
Our wishbone hinge holds the plates in perfect alignment giving you both keep watch over and improved versatility,
making it easier to create any style with 20% more shine.
Results according to Tri-Zone® technology:*vs a styler working at 230°C**2x more colour integrity vs a styler working at 230°C
Suitable for all hair types, lengths and conditions.
Best for hair that doesn’t hold a style easily, coloured and chemically treated hair, very frequent/day-to-day styling.
Ref – 990-33149
Brand – Ghd
Content – 400 gr




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