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How you’re Flat Iron cleaning at home

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How you’re Flat Iron cleaning at home, Guide

Hair products and oil will eventually build up on the heat plates of flat irons. Besides looking unsightly, this buildup can cause uneven heating and incomplete straightening.

Severe buildup can even damage hair and cause split ends.

Cleaning flat irons can be a bit of a challenge owing to the V-shape of the flat iron, but it is possible.

If your flat iron needs cleaning, follow the steps below:

Heat the flat iron a little, or heat it and leave it to cool.

It should be warm, but not too hot to touch.

Unplug the flat iron before you begin cleaning.

Dampen a small terrycloth towel with warm water.

Do not use water that is either very hot or very cold – it must be lukewarm only.

Using one finger, gently rub one plate at a time where the grime is.

Avoid harsh scrubbing on the ceramic plates, to avoid scratching them.

Wipe down the plates until there is no more buildup on them.

Make sure you’ve reached down to the bottom (closer to on/off switch and settings) and removed any gunk from there, too.

You can use a cotton swab if it’s too hard to find the towel into corners.

Clean off any residue around the sides or edges.

Use a fresh surface of the towel as necessary.

Let the flat iron dry thoroughly before using it.

Avoid using the flat iron when it is still wet.Although it won’t spontaneously combust if it’s still wet, it can fry your hair, similar to the reason why you shouldn’t straighten wet hair because it will sizzle and burn your hair.

You can gently wipe the plates dry with a small, dry terrycloth towel if you need it dries faster.

Clean the flat iron regularly for best results.

In between more thorough cleans, simply wipe a cloth or paper towel dampened with either water or rubbing alcohol over the cooled prongs to remove the styling products.

Done repeatedly, this can help prevent buildup.

Storage of your Hair Iron

When you are done using your hair iron always be sure it is unplugged and let it cool before storing it anywhere.

Do not wrap the cord around the iron, instead, loop the cord together and secure with a twist tie or elastic.

If you are travelling and taking your flat iron with you always be sure to let it completely cool down before putting it any type of carrying case or bag.

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  • If the buildup is so bad that it won’t come off, take the flat iron to your hairdresser;
  • usually, the hairdresser will have a spray product that can remove the build up quickly, saving you the cost of having to buy the whole cleaning product.
  • Wipe all around your flat iron if you use it to curl your hair or if you see a buildup on surfaces other than the plates.
  • It’s a good idea to employ a heat-resistant mat to rest the flat iron on as you clean.
  • Use a bit of rubbing alcohol with warm water for persistent buildup.
  • Be sure to choose the hair iron with a good kind when you buy, You can utilize the following article:

Important tips when choosing Iron Straightener hair


Do not use household cleaners.

They may scratch the surface of your straightening plates, and they’re usually not necessary.

Be assured your flat iron is off and unplugged before cleaning.

Keep the plug away from liquids and never immerse a flat iron in water.

Do this away from children.

Keep the heated flat iron well out of reach as you are cleaning it.

In conclusion, cleaning a straightener is an important and easy task that should be done regularly. By following these simple steps, you can keep your straightener in top condition, ensuring it lasts longer and works efficiently.


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