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Important tips when choosing Iron Straightener hair

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Many of the ladies thought that all types of Iron Straightener give the same result when used, have this misconception leads to the selection of iron inappropriate may lead to the destruction of your hair, and to find out how to choose the Iron Straightener you put some points in mind, but it is not necessary to buy Hair iron that combines all the ideal qualities if you you place in the intervals, you can buy iron with a suitable price for the frequent use of them, but if the use of iron a day, you should buy the perfect irons even if they are expensive, and so in order to remain with you for a long time and maintain the health of your hair also.

Iron plate

When buying Iron Straightener, you have to choose the iron with ceramic plates and not sheet metal, Vcefaih irons ceramic up to the degree of heat required in a short time (30 seconds max), it also distributes heat evenly, which gives the best results when used in addition to that ions that are usually found iron ceramic protect your hair from damage and lead to perfect smoothness technology.

Look also for sheets Iron Hair with tourmaline, because tourmaline kind of natural stones, which supplies your hair negative ions to draw ions hair positive, and thus protect your hair from damage, often you will find iron ceramic hair sticker with the word “Nano-Tourmalin” Nano Tourmaline, and then you can buy the Flatiron that will make your hair silky and Smooth the least amount of heat, so it’s best to choose iron ceramic hair with tourmaline to keep up on the health and beauty of your hair.


Is the temperature setting of the most important qualities that you should put in mind when choosing Iron hair property, so that can determine the degree of the iron temperature according to your hair type, in high temperatures, for example, may lead to completely destroy your hair if your hair lightly, while low temperatures It will not lead to satisfactory results with corrugated thick hair, so do not forget this point when buying a hair iron.

The size of the iron

Put in mind always the size of the hair iron when you buy, hair iron with plates of platelets petition enables you to Straightening is greater than the amount of hair more than the other, so if your hair beyond your shoulders, you should choose irons petition to save you time, but if your hair is shorter than this, you can buy Flatiron least casually, that so that we can control when in use, where you will be much close to the scalp.

Iron individual hair 

wet Make sure to buy a hair iron that you can use if your hair wet, because it will save you dry your hair electric hair dryer step, and thus will save you time, as it would limit the exposure of your hair to high temperatures produced by electric hair dryer.

Electricity automatic separation

Electricity is the automatic separation of iron from individual hairs of the most important safety characteristics of the a property, because the power supply separated from the iron automatically after a certain period of operation with no use.

Connect the power cord 

Do not forget to choose the Iron Straightener with long power cord, because it will allow you more control over the iron and move in all directions without wire represents an obstacle for you.

Ensuring Iron Hair 

Whether I bought a new iron through the Internet or from hairdressing tools from a shop or beauty salons do not give up at all for the purchase of iron hair security so as not to be surprised if one of manufacturing defects or other afternoon after a short period of use.

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