Conair Quick Twist Hair Braider Price: $17.99 (as of 04/10/2023 21:14 PST- Details)

Creates fun, twisty braids in seconds! Quick Twist makes it easier than ever to create trendy styles at home. Instantly spin fun, twisty braids – so easy, anyone can do it!
Endless looks with one styler
Bonus: Assorted accessories to complement your look: 40 Scünci anti-slip mini elastics, 2 silky ribbons and 10 hair clips


Create quick, fun, styles with the Conair quick twist.

The quick twist makes it easy to create beautiful, twisty braids in seconds.

Get creative-twist and turn into your own fun styles. It allows you to make perfect braids in just 3 easy steps.

First, push up the button to raise the hair clasp.

Insert end of a hair strand under and release button.

Repeat on either side.

Pull strands away from the head and slide witch up to rotate twists.

Lastly, rotate by hand, in the direction of the arrow on the styler, to create a perfect twisty braid.

Twist it all together by adding ribbons, beads and elastics for totally twisted one-of-a-kind styles you create yourself.

The quick twist includes 40 anti-slip mini elastics, 2 silky ribbons and 10 hair clips.

For more fabulous accent pieces, check out our accessory packs-bold and bright, sparkle and shine, and florals and fashion.

Requires 2 aa batteries (not included).

Conair Quick Twist

Introducing the Conair Quick Twist – a brand new way to create twisty braids from the number one styling trademark!

The Quick Twist makes it easy to make beautiful twisty braids in seconds.

Get creative – twist and turn into your own unique styles!

Have a blast creating fabulous, colorful twisty braids and then show off your style when you are done!

Perfect for girls and their friends, Quick Twist will provide hours of fun for your next girls’ night.

Quick, fun styles in three easy steps

Anyone can do it! This easy-to-use styling tool enables you to create tons of styles with the touch of a button.

With the Quick Twist, the possibilities are endless. Follow three easy steps to make twisty braids in seconds.

1- Push the button to lift the hair clasp. Insert end of a hair strand under and release button.

Repeat on the other side.

2- Pull hair taut so that you get the right kind of twist going.

Slide the purple “on” button up for a few seconds and watch as Quick Twist creates beautiful twists.

Make sure they twist all the way up!

3- In the direction of the arrow, hand rotate the top so you’re 2 twists are joined.

You can make the braid loose or tight – it’s up to you!

Fabulous, colorful, trendy twists

The Quick Twist comes with a variety of colorful fashion accessories that help transform your braid into a trendy twist.

Twist it all together by adding ribbons, beads and elastics for a totally twisted, one-of-a-kind styles you create yourself!

Accessories include 2 silky ribbons, 40 Scunci anti-slip mini elastics and 10 colored hair clips.

Check out our accessory packs

Do not forget to collect all three accessory packs for a variety of accessories to match your personality and style!

Accessory packs include Bold & Bright, Sparkle & Shine and Florals & Fashion.

These accessory kits take your twisty braids to the next level with fun accent pieces that do not forget to impress your friends and add an additional twist to your style!







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