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BaByliss The Best Flat Iron Hair Straighteners

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BaByliss The Best Flat Iron Hair Straighteners

Women are always looking for what helps them to pay attention to their beauty and to highlight femininity.
Perhaps her hair is one of the most important parts that women care about and care about a lot because it is an important member that cares about women’s cleanliness and beauty and make it always appear in the most beautiful form.

Hair is the crown of women and one of the most signs of femininity, and one of the most important tools that help to beautify hair is BaByliss for hair, which helps to make hair freerand give a lot of softness on it clearly.

In this article, we will discuss selecting the ideal hair straightener irons, focusing on the outstanding brands, notably BaByliss The Best Flat Iron.

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Specifications of BaByliss PRO hair iron and its advantages

    1. The temperatures are different in most models up to 235 degrees and is suitable for all types of hair.
    2. Features advanced ceramic heating system ™ to accelerate iron heating and maintain temperature.
    3. Very practical for emergency conditions because they are ready to be used in just 15 seconds.
    4. Made of original ceramic and some of them are titanium or diamond-built ceramics;
    5. To smooth your hair and protect it from sticking and burning.
    6. The ceramic plates of the baby are not long, and some models are too wide for a larger quantity individual in less time.
    7. Have 3 to 6 heat settings with a digital or optical display to determine the appropriate grade for your hair.
    8. Baby cannot be used for more than one purpose, both individual and curls at the same time.
    9. The wire is rotary and is up to 3 meters in length, making it easy for you to move during the styling.
    10. Features security with lock to prevent child use.
    11. Comes with a basic guarantee for 3 years and Europe comes with a 5-year guarantee.

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How to use BaByliss PRO hair iron

  • Before you ask how I can use a non-baby hair iron, you must first have clean hair free of any oils or moisturizers and well washed.
  • It should be a little wet and not completely dry.

But with the types and models for dry and wet hair, you can use the iron on your hair, whatever you put it.

  • Then divide your hair into a different hairline that makes it easier for you to straighten your hair as quickly as possible and get the best result without mistakes.
  • The best thing before your hair is that you are using a hair conditioner or a hair protection product from the heat of the irrigated iron that keeps your hair.
  • And then the most important step is to choose the right temperature and most importantly you are what you describe in your hair at low temperature;
  • Because you are afraid to pass through the iron more than once on the same hair follicles and of course this rupture and destroy your hair.
  • Its better to choose the type with a screen temperature controlled by the control and choose the temperature that suits your type of hair, for example:
  • Normal hair has a temperature of 130 to 160.
  • If your hair is dry or coarse, choose a temperature up to 230.

But if your hair is dyed, you need a temperature between 160 and 200 degrees.

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