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How To Achieve The Perfect Curling For Your Hair

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How To Achieve The Perfect Curling For Your Hair

The use of the hair curler is becoming more common. It is true that we can have our hair as if we had just left the hairdresser in a short time but in the comfort of our house.
Before, the curlers came in a single material that damaged the hair a lot. Fortunately, today we have many options to choose the most appropriate for our hair type.

Anyway, do we really know how to use hair curlers to get the effect we want? Before starting, we should never forget to apply a protector to protect the hair.

1. Use different diameters for hair curling to get loose waves.

Depending on the length of the hair we must choose different diameters of a curling iron.
A person with short hair, using a wide curling iron will find it very difficult and will not get the effect of loose waves.
It would be convenient to use one with a small diameter and later combing them would bring a more natural look.
However, those with long hair would have a very nice effect with a wide curling iron.

2. Hair spray after finishing the process.

If you use hair spray after curling, it is possible that the hair does not hold and begins to lose the curl.
In this case, using a medium setting lacquer will help the curls hold during the process.
After finishing and giving its final form, it can be reapplied so that it will last longer.

3. Applying the adequate heat

If the hair to which heat is going to be applied has dye, permanent, etc., it would be better not to apply too much heat.
If the hair is natural and no previous application has been made, the heat can be increased a little, but without overdoing it.

4. Use a professional tool

If we want professional results, we must use professional and accurate tools.
Otherwise, it could damage the hair and it would be impossible to achieve positive and usable effects.

5. Use hair clips

Tongs should be used to define the waves. Especially if we want to achieve a vintage look, they will be our best ally.
On the other hand, are frankly useful to separate the hair and prevent it from mixing with the rest.

The 3 best BaByliss hair curlers of 2019

If you are clear that you want to buy a BaByliss hair curler, but you dot know which model to choose, we will make it easy for you.

1. BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium MiraCurl Professional Curl Machine

The MiraCurl automatically forms one perfect curl after another. Consistent. Versatile. Effortless.
Inside these miracle machines is the MaxLife PRO brushless motor, which provides precision control for all curl types.
The Nano Titanium curl chamber – into which hair is gently pulled, heated and held – imparts silky shine to finished curls.
MiraCurl lets you select temperature, time and curl direction, providing the flexibility to form loose waves, soft swirls, defined curls, and more.
It even signals when it’s time to release the curl, so perfect results are foolproof.
Instant heat-up and recovery, up to 450°F, produces curl after curl with consistently flawless results.

2. BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Professional Curl Machine

The new BaByliss PRO MiraCurl 3-in-1 skilled curl machine is a premium take at the classic unique & takes auto-curl technology to a brand spanking new stage.
The complicated curl control system robotically adjusts the central barrel,
moderately controls the hair tension and exactly regulates the warmth and time to create the easiest curl, whichever curl mode you select.

The ceramic curling chamber moderately controls hair tension for clean curling action,
and lines the power to regulate curl direction to left, proper, or trade.
The regulated inside warmth and timer settings lend a hand optimize curls for hair sort,
adjusting as had to create each and every of the 3 ranges of curl.

3. BaByliss curl secret hair curler

It is one of the curlers that are most successful in the female audience.
Not only does it succeed because it has a very nice design, but because it has a quality price that makes it one of the most interesting alternatives, especially if you like this brand.

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